Trevi 217 Kystal Java WallTR-218-lg

Trevi 217 Krystal Java- Easy to install and easy on the budget, an above ground pool is a wise choice. It makes the whole family happy! Jump, splash, dive… the fun of summer is right there in your own backward! Thanks to a wide range of shapes, materials and finishes, you and Trevi can create the pool that’s right for your family, no matter your needs. Want a pool for fun? For the kids? For relaxing at the end of a busy day? With Trevi, you will create a delightful, relaxing refuge in your own backyard.

Special Features~ Superior quality resin top seat features uniform calibration, UV treatment against discoloration and a molecular memory to prevent warping. Plus it’s scratch-resistant! A unique Trevi design, the double pool support post and stay assemblies for the oval model are designed for superior strength as well as aesthetics. The bottom Secure-lock safety track, made of resin, provides greater stability.

Steel wall components~ Plasticized SP coating, Molten zinc coat, Primer coat, Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides, Galvanized steel wall core, Chromate anti-rust coat, Heat-hardened inlay, Ultra-resistant polymer.

Structural Elements~ 9″ (23cm) polymer top seat, polymer and steel coping, resin seat cap, resin joint plate, resin upright, 52″ (1.32cm) wall

Treviclip: Exclusive liner locking system~ prevents liner setback in case of movement caused by freezing or thawing, and increases overall pool stability. (Available only with “U-bead” liner)

When you purchase a Trevi pool, you also acquire peace of mind, unparalleled manufacturing quality and safe materials. When you purchase a Trevi poolm you will be satisfied.

That’s the Trevi difference!

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