Influence~ Combining the practical with extraordinary..

Influence’s appeal lies in its refined aesthetic feel. Every element comes together in complete harmony, combining the practical with extraordinary for both appearance and comfort. Ultra attractive wall, smoothly curved top ledge, sturdy uprights, strong lines, solid construction, simplicity of design: it all adds up to influence beauty… and to years and years of vacationing pleasure for you to enjoy at home!

Top Ledges~ 7″ Wide, made of synflex resin, their profiled circular form provides superior elegance and sophistication. Curved top ledges offer a perfect look and an outstanding rigidity.

Stabilizers~ Stabilizers are 1-1/4 inch wide. They safety secure the vinyl liner in position and stabilize the wall while insuring its constant circular orientation.

Uprights~ 6″ Wide, Pillars of the pool structure, they are reinforced with embossed patterns that insure stabilization of the top ledge. They have profiled and harmonious designs for better rigidity and a perfect look.

Bottom Rails~ 1.5″, made of synflex resin they now come with exterior shields giving them strength and style while locking the wall into place. The outside surface of the rails prevent the wall from coming out when the ground heaves.

Wall~ Color and design, the vespa wall matches the pearl structure.

Ledge Covers~ They perfectly adjust to the upright heads while insuring the pool with a circular orientation.

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